Office Staff

Laser Clinic has been assisting women and men reach their body goal in the Duluth area for 2 years. Our fully staffed office offers state of the art procedures to help with weight loss, anti-aging or pain reduction. Our doctor, Dr. Robb E. Anderson is certified and licensed to provide the best advice and treatments in the Northland area for over 35 years. Along with Dr. Anderson, our staff offers support to help make the whole process seamless from start to finish. We have performed thousands of Zerona Treatments with great results in weight loss. We see a lot of women and men with underlying metabolic and hormonal issues, which greatly hampers efforts of obtaining their desired results with proper diet and exercise alone. In our clinic, we do not diagnose nor treat any diseases, rather we support the patient in the functional range of health and wellness. In turn, we find that our patients not only have a better quality of life, but they also look and feel amazing. Contact us today for more information on how our procedures can benefit you or your loved ones.

Dr Laser

Emily Laser is a Mentor Masterclass Certified Life, Business, + Leadership Coach, Brand Stylist, Sisterhood Expert + ambitious women on a mission. Emily helps guide ambitious women toward their greatest aliveness + success by embracing more freedom, flow, and fulfillment through a revolutionary approach to sustainable success that avoids burn-out, stress, + stuckness. By connecting to their divine feminine power and sisterhood support while pursuing their heart-centered missions, Emily believes that women will truly save the world.